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Bad Breath : 10 Genuine care tips

10 Genuine Care to Help Get Rid of Bad Breath

Having bad breath can adversely affect your social life and can hamper your self-confidence. It is a common phenomenon, anticipated to affect 1 out of 4 people worldwide. The circumstance of having bad breath is commonly known as ‘halitosis.’ The lack of saliva in the mouth is also responsible for bad breath.

Halitosis is the third most common cause for which people look for dental care, after tooth decay and gum disease. The most widespread reason for bad breath or halitosis is awful oral hygiene.

However, there are numerous causes why a person can have a smelly mouth; Dry mouth, crash diets, consumption of tobacco, diseases, drugs, bronchiectasis, bowel obstruction, aspiration pneumonia, etc. You can get rid of Halitosis or bad breath with a few simple techniques.

Let’s see the methods to cure bad breath

1] Brush your teeth well: It’s essential that you brush your teeth properly and on a frequent basis. To remove the debris lodged between your teeth, you must brush your teeth at least twice a day. In turn, brushing can assist in eradicating bad breath.

2] Cleaning your tongue: Most people brush their teeth, but they overlook cleaning their tongues. Normally, dead cells, food particles, and germs accumulate on the tongue, especially in smokers or persons who have dry mouths. To get rid of these contaminants that produce foul breath, should brush their tongue as well or can use a tongue scraper to have a clean mouth.

3] Careful Diet: The type of diet that we intake is also a very crucial part of the arousal of bad breath. Limiting the intake of excessive spicy, garlic, and onion-flavored foods. Avoiding sugary food, which can also give rise to bad breath. Lowering the consumption of coffee and alcohol and having a breakfast that comprises plant-based foods can be helpful in cleaning the back of the tongue.

4] Floss regularly: As brushing only removes around 60% of the upsurge of food particles from the surface of the tooth. Flossing aids in preventing the remaining 40% of the accumulation of food particles and plaque on the teeth.

5] Avoid mouth dryness: Get plenty of water. Remain hydrated. Avoid alcohol and smoking because they both dry out the mouth. Saliva production can be stimulated by chewing gum or sucking something sweet, preferably one without added sugar. If the mouth is consistently dry, you should seek a dentist and have a prescribed medication that increases the production of saliva.

6] Dental check-ups twice a year: A full dental and oral health check-up should be done at least twice a year at your dentist’s clinic. Your dentist will do a dental cleaning, which could help avoid bad breath problems, in addition to advising and educating you about your oral health. We frequently overlook some little spaces when brushing our teeth where food particles might be stuck. Therefore, getting regular dental checkups is advised.

7] Keep your oral retainers clean: You should practice good dental hygiene if you use clear aligners, implants, or dentures. Regular cleaning is required, both before and after their use in order to prevent bad odor. It’s crucial to clean both your teeth and those retainers.

8] Check your toothbrush bristles: Even when we maintain proper dental hygiene, we often face bad breath. It’s possible that we brush without noticing the bristles on the brush we use. Hard bristles can harm our teeth and gums, which can lead to bleeding gums or swollen gums, both of which contribute to bad smells. Therefore, having a soft bristle brush is essential for preventing further harm.

9] Use alcohol-free mouthwash: We should use mouthwash to keep our mouths clean. Mouthwashes are a fantastic way to clean your mouth. However, mouthwashes with a high alcohol content should be avoided. It may result in a dry mouth. 

10] Eat more fruits and veggies: Eating enough fruits and vegetables is great for your health. Not only do they make your skin look healthy, but also help you with your diet and health. Eating food filled with fiber can help prevent tooth decay. Not only does fiber help save teeth, but it also helps your digestive tract. The water it contains can help you stay hydrated.

Bad breath is a very common problem, but it can be remedied quite easily and conveniently with the tips shared. We hope that this blog gave you some useful tips that you might need to fight bad breath. So, next time you notice that you have bad breath, do not worry at all. Just follow the tips shared here and get rid of bad breath once and for all.

But still, if you are facing a bad breath problem or any other dental problem, you should directly consult our experienced dentist in Surat, Dr. Ushma Kakkad. She will assist you in resolving your dental issues and aid you to have a perfect mouth and a flawless smile.

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