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Dental Implants are stop solution

How are Dental Implants One Simple Solution for Several Dental Problems?

Dental implants are considered a great boon in the field of dentistry! They have been helping in giving a completely new life to individuals who were suffering from the problem of tooth loss. Dental implants have been around for well over three decades. During this time, they have evolved from being the most expensive dental restoration option to one of the most cost-effective ones.

Even with this evolution, there is still a lot of misinformation about dental implants that prevent patients from benefiting from this treatment option. Some think that implants are just for replacing missing teeth. However, there are a lot of advantages that are there within dental implants.

Here are some reasons why one might need dental implants:
  1. It helps improve our ability to eat, communicate and feel comfortable in our skin.
  2. It boosts your appearance and self-esteem and gives you a perfect smile. 
  3. If you suffer from any facial or jaw injury, dental implants help to restore your jaw by better tooth replacement. 
  4. A missing tooth can cause damage to the gum line. It is eventually, giving rise to gum diseases. Gum disease is a significant problem that affects millions of people each year. By having dental implants, you avoid gum diseases and can have a healthy mouth.
  5. Cavities in the mouth can severely affect teeth and overall mouth health. With implants, you can replace your infected teeth and protect your mouth. 

Dental Implants are surgically placed into the jawbone and keep your remaining teeth from shifting. Unlike dentures and crowns, which are just a temporary fixation, they are titanium screws that are permanently fixed into the jawbone. Expert dentists have a thorough check of one’s mouth before enrooting implants.

dental implants in Surat are one stop solution for several dental problems
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One of the major reasons dental implants are a one-stop solution is that with the advent of new technologies, there are full mouth dental implants (usually all in 4 or 6 implants). Full mouth dental implant will give you a new set of natural-looking teeth. You don’t need to go through several surgeries to get implants. Full mouth dental implant will save you time, money, and other connecting factors.

Usually, dental implants cost between 250000 to 500000 INR. And if you choose full mouth dental implants, they can cost around 500000 to 800000 INR. Clearly, the price varies according to the factors like clinic/hospital, location, the doctor’s experience, materials used while offering dental implant treatment, or the procedure included. It also depends upon the number of implants you want to have.

Following the full mouth dental implants, you might be wondering who should get those many implants. It would help if you took care of the following:
  1. To get a full mouth dental implant properly, one must have good jaw-bone health.
  2. Ensure you do not consume tobacco or alcohol or indulge in any smoking activity. 
  3. Your oral tissues must be in good health to overcome the healing process, as it will take some time for your mouth to retain its strength again.
Apart from these points, one must consider some key points when one cannot have full mouth dental implants.
  1. If you are facing any chronic illness like cancer or diabetes, etc.,
  2. If you have low immunity.
  3. Weak jaw bones and poor oral hygiene also hinder you from getting dental implants.
  4. When you smoke or consume alcohol, it weakens your bone health. 

The All-on-4 dental implant restoration has an appearance and function that almost match natural teeth. The maintenance routine is also the same. You must consult an experienced dentist if having missing or broken teeth or facing any such problem mentioned above. If you are considering full mouth dental implants, you need to be ready to comply with the dentist’s instructions to ensure successful results.

At Summirow dental, a multispecialty dental hospital, we offer a cost-effective full mouth dental implant in Gujarat. Having the most trusted dentists in Gujarat, we strive to provide strong and comfortable implants with the use of the latest dental technological equipment. Understanding your needs and preferences, we would guide you accordingly and help you shine your beautiful smile with us.

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