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Full-mouth dental implants in 72 hours.

Surat-based Summirow Dental Hospital is Transforming People’s Smiles with Full-Mouth Dental Implants

Full-mouth Dental Implants are revolutionising teeth replacement in India. Summirow Dental Hospital, based in Surat, is such a service provider. Led by Dr. Ushma Kakkad, the dental hospital gives patients a restored smile in three days with better oral health and customised treatment programmes.

Surat, Gujarat: Dr. Ushma Kakkad, the esteemed Chief Dentist and Implantologist at Summirow Dental Hospital, has positively impacted countless patients’ lives through advanced teeth replacement techniques. The hospital has introduced a revolutionary method for Full-Mouth Dental Implants in Gujarat. 

They have become a game-changer, allowing people to restore their smiles quickly. Unlike traditional methods, the clinic’s innovative technology enables patients to get a brand-new set of teeth in only three days.

Dr. Ushma Kakkad highlighted the remarkable transformation of full-mouth Dental Implants, showcasing results obtained in a recent study. Such an example came forward with a patient from Kuwait who has experienced a complete restoration of his smile. He can now eat without pain.

The dental team’s expertise is the secret behind the success of this treatment. They carefully evaluate each patient’s needs using high-tech devices to develop a customised treatment plan. The doctors strategically place Implants and meticulously craft bespoke hybrid dentures to achieve the optimum appearance and functioning.

Notably, they have outstanding long-term advantages. Patients can enjoy better oral health, improved chewing ability, and increased self-confidence. To preserve the longevity of their Dental Implants, Summirow Dental Hospital ensures patients receive complete post-treatment care, including routine follow-ups and maintenance operations.

Summirow Dental Hospital, which is highly regarded by its patients, takes great satisfaction in providing them with top-notch dental care. The doctors’ knowledge, dedication, and the hospital’s advanced amenities have made them Gujarat’s pioneers in dental implantology.

For those searching for a long-term teeth replacement solution, Summirow Dental Hospital offers unrivalled expertise and attention. Visit the official website at to find out more or to arrange a consultation.

About Summirow Dental Hospital:

Summirow Dental Hospital is a well-known dental hospital situated in Surat, Gujarat. The renowned clinic specialises in various dental procedures, including full-mouth Dental Implants, to ensure the excellent dental care for patients. With a dedicated staff of highly qualified specialists, they are dedicated to providing the best dental care. Transform your smile with natural-looking results and experience considerate, high-quality service in a comfortable and pleasing environment.

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