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Achieve a radiant smile in just 3 days with Dr. Mansi Mehta at Summirow Dental Hospital

Dr Mansi Mehta provides a radiant smile to the patients in only three days at Summirow Dental Hospital

A state-of-the-art procedure that significantly enhances smiles before weddings are now available at the Summirow Dental Hospital under the leadership of implantologist Dr. Mansi Mehta.

Surat, Gujarat: In time for the wedding season, Gujarat’s top dental hospital, Summirow Dental Hospital, has introduced a new service for those wishing for a beautiful smile. Dr. Mansi Mehta, a skilled dental surgeon and implantologist at the hospital, is leading this innovative method to quickly and effectively transform smiles.

In a recent case, Dr. Mehta treated a young patient who expressed worry about his smile. With his wedding only 15 days away, he wanted a stunning smile that would improve his overall appearance and give him self-assurance. The dentist examined the teeth and found that the caps on two of the front teeth were the wrong size, making the teeth look unattractive.

She suggested removing the ceramic-infused metal caps and replacing them with ceramic caps that provide a more natural look. After receiving the patient’s consent, she began the recommended course of action and did the X-rays to assess the root canal treatment.

Within three days, Summirow Dental Hospital completely changed the patient’s smile. A natural-looking smile precisely suits his facial features. The patient expressed his happiness with the outcome and excitement for his forthcoming wedding.

Dr. Mansi Mehta expressed her zest in offering the enchanting “Dazzling Smile for the Wedding” service, ensuring patients feel confident and joyful on their special day.

At Summirow Dental Hospital, each team member is dedicated to delivering exceptional dental care, including expert Root canal procedures, Clear Aligners & Dental Implants, and many more treatments. They stand out as Gujarat’s best dental hospital because of their widely recognised skills and ongoing dedication to patient satisfaction.

People seeking exceptional dental care and beautiful smile makeovers should visit Summirow Dental Hospital

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