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8 Easy Ways to Remove Stains from Teeth

Have you wondered why your teeth are not as white as they used to be or why they are getting discolored? One of the major reasons for teeth discoloration is tooth stains. You may even observe stains over your teeth that are not brushed off. That is because sometimes there are some marks left on our tooth surface which are caused by the lifestyle habits that we practice. There can be a lot of other reasons why our teeth are losing their luminosity.

Teeth stains are bothersome. There are three types of tooth stains. Extrinsic Stains, Intrinsic Stains, and Age-Related Teeth Stains. Some edibles like coffee, tea, cocoa, cola, wine, or scratchy food items like pasta or potato, etc., leave marks on the surface of your teeth, causing extrinsic stains. Intrinsic tooth stains are more damaging and affect the much deeper level of your teeth. As you age, the outer layer of enamel on your teeth gets worn away, exposing the yellow dentin and causing tooth discoloration. Smoking or chewing tobacco also causes stains on teeth and makes them worse for our teeth. However, several things can preserve your teeth from getting discolored.

Here are 8 easy ways to remove tooth stains:
  • Tooth whitening paste: Tooth whitening pastes remove tooth stains. If your stains are lightened, this is the best way to get your stains removed. Brushing regularly 2 times a day for a month can lighten your tooth stains and improve your mouth health.
  • Use activated charcoal: Activated charcoal is an excellent form of removing stains. It is formed by burning wood in the absence of oxygen. You will see the difference just after 1st application. Please do not use it regularly. Otherwise, your teeth will get worn out.
activated charcoal for teeth whitening
Activated Charcoal Source : Freepick
  • Use Teeth Whitening Strips: Whitening strips can be an effective way of improving the appearance of stained or yellow teeth. But to be on the safer side, you should use whitening strips in moderation, as overuse will cause tooth sensitivity over time and permanently damage your tooth’s enamel and the surface below. Follow your dentist’s guidance.   
tooth whitening strips for tooth stains removal
Tooth Whitening Strips Source: Freepick
  • Stay Hydrated And Eat Fibrous Fruits: Drinking plenty of water is mandatory if your teeth are stained. It will keep you hydrated and your teeth refreshed and bacteria-free. Eating fibrous fruits will help you to remove your teeth stains. Some fruits are uneven, and eating them will make your tooth surface rub against the food, making stains get removed. 
fibroud fruits for tooth stains removal
Fibrous Fruits Source: Getty Images
  • Good Oral Hygiene: Maintaining good oral hygiene will keep your mouth free of bacteria and other illnesses. Poor oral hygiene will build up plaque in your mouth, which will deteriorate your teeth, forming teeth stains and other issues. So, it would be best if you took care of your mouth. Flossing is very beneficial for your mouth and teeth health.
good oral hygiene for tooth stains removal
Good Oral Hygiene Source: Getty Images
  • Consume a better diet: Stains happen from too much coffee, tea, red wine, etc. Avoiding these food items will give your mouth a rest, and within a few months, you will see your teeth whiter and stain-free. Cutting off cigarettes and tobacco will help your mouth heal faster.
  • Dental whitening: Teeth whitening is followed at a dental clinic by your dentist. Your dentist will do ultrasonic scaling and polishing. It’s a painless procedure. First, your dentist will break the tarter and plaque formed in your teeth. Second, the dentist will clean your teeth thoroughly and may even suggest polishing or teeth whitening procedures. It is the best method to get your teeth stain-free.
dental whitening in Surat
Dental Whitening Source: Getty Images
  • Rub Fruit Peels: You can use any type of peel—orange, banana, or lemon. Rub your teeth with the peel after you brush. Fruit peel contains citric acid. It has the same effect as using vinegar and water solution to clean stained glassware. The acidic property of the peel can dissolve many types of stains and leave your teeth looking clean and healthy.

You should visit your dentist regularly. Know more about Why and when should you have regular dental checkups?

There are several different ways to go about tooth whitening and stain removal. Some home remedies include oil-pulling practices. You can also use tooth-whitening kits at home, depending on the severity of the stains. Consider consulting a professional dentist for more options. Teeth whitening can give you great results, making your smile brighter and your mouth healthier. So, if you’re dealing with some serious tooth stains, be sure to visit your dentist soon.

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