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Regular Dental Checkups

Why and when should you have regular dental checkups?

Visiting the dentist is not an entirely pleasant experience for everyone. Each person will have a different perspective about the same.

Listed below are a few expectations/apprehensions of patients about their dental checkups.
  • Treatment should be completed in a single visit.   
  • Preferred appointments are during post-office hours.   
  • Almost all issues should be handled with medications which are not always possible in dentistry.·  
  • The environment in the dental office may appear to be frightening. 
  • Busy schedules or sheer laziness make it hard to comply with appointments and/ or regular visits properly.
Skipping Your Dental Checkups  
  • Patients hesitate to visit the dentist due to many reasons: 
  • Ignorant about oral health is a critical aspect of general health.   
  • Anxiety / preconceived fear.
  • Busy work schedule.   
  • Financial constraints.    
  • Lack of awareness of the risks involved if regular dental checkups are overlooked.     
  • Poorly motivated.  
  • Lack of access to dental care.  
  • Misguided notions about dental treatment.      
  • Unwilling to quit bad habits like smoking/drinking/chewing tobacco.

Healthcare and Dentistry

One should understand that Dentistry is a major part of healthcare and is very similar to other fields of medicine, dental surgeons specialize to treat diseases and cure illnesses related to the oral cavity or mouth.

Like any other medical specialty, patient compliance is of utmost importance. Advice and instructions should be followed diligently; medications should be taken as advised or prescribed. Studies reveal that patients who listened to and complied with the prescriptions of the doctors showed better post-treatment results than non-compliant patients.

Even after treatment procedures, the patient is asked to adhere to certain protocols and instructions that would help achieve quick healing and an excellent prognosis. One of the most important instructions that are given pertains to regular follow-up dental check-ups and recall visits.

Why are Follow-up Visits Important?

These are visits scheduled subsequent to the initial procedure/treatment. It is scheduled to

  • Assess the outcome of the treatment already done.
  • Assess the progression/relapse of an existing disease/condition.
  • Carry out further treatment which could be part of a previous one or sequential in the existing treatment plan. Certain procedures mandatory require multiple sittings.   

The number of follow-up visits can vary in different cases, depending on How many stages/sittings the current treatment procedure require for completion and the risk for recurrence or relapse of a particular disease/ condition. 

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