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10 Unhygienic Habits That Are Destroying Your Teeth Health

Teeth are the hardest parts of our body yet are incredibly fragile. Maintaining proper oral hygiene is essential for keeping your teeth healthy and preventing dental problems. Damaged teeth can eventually affect your overall well-being.

You must be aware of some general bad oral habits, i.e., skipping brushing and flossing, that would destroy your teeth’ health. However, there are several unhygienic habits that many people engage in unknowingly, which can be detrimental to their teeth health. By making simple changes to your daily routine, you can help protect your teeth and maintain good dental health. So, let’s dive in and discover some routine habits that you need to avoid in order to keep your teeth healthy and strong.

Here are 10 unhygienic habits that are destroying your teeth health:

1. Smoking and Drinking: Smoking and drinking alcohol dramatically increases the risk of oral diseases. Smoking not only stains teeth but also causes bad breath and gum diseases. Drinking causes teeth erosion and trauma. Smoking and drinking together increase the risk of oral cancer up to 30 times.

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2. Nail Biting: You may believe your teeth are far more durable than your fingernails, but habitual nail biting can harm both teeth and gums over time. The grinding friction of teeth against nails can gradually wear the enamel away. It may even cause teeth to chip or crack.

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3. Thumb Sucking: Thumb sucking does not always harm the teeth. Vigorous thumb sucking over an extended period of time results in tooth erosion, jaw misalignment, overbites, dental sensitivity, and the ingestion of bacteria and other debris.

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4. Brushing too hard: Brushing too hard and using a hard-bristled toothbrush can cause gum recession and damage the tooth enamel. Both are linked to severe tooth sensitivity.

5. Lack of Hydration: Dehydration is an underrated cause affecting oral health. Your mouth can become very dry from dehydration. This condition lessens the amount of saliva in your mouth, limiting your mouth’s ability to remove plaque and bacteria. With plaque and bacteria build-up, the risk of tooth decay and gum disease increases significantly. If you ever forget to brush your teeth, drinking water can wash away all the dirt from the mouth.

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6. Grinding your teeth: Grinding your teeth, also known as bruxism, can cause tooth sensitivity, headaches, and jaw pain and can damage the teeth severely causing TMD.

7. Using your teeth as a tool: Many people use their teeth to twist off bottle caps, open chip packets, cut plastic ties, and do other everyday tasks. Opening things with their teeth is second nature for many people but can lead to serious dental complications. It could cause them to be chipped or even cracked.

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8. Drinking too much coffee: Coffee is a naturally acidic beverage. Consuming too many acidic beverages like coffee, soda, energy drinks, soft drinks, and fruit juices with high acidic levels can erode the tooth enamel leading to tooth decay and tooth sensitivity.

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9. Binge Eating: Binge eating is when you eat excessively and continuously. So, what happens when you binge eat too much? Overeating increases the amount of stomach acid you produce, causing it to back up into your esophagus. This results in acid reflux which can burn the soft tissue in your mouth and wear away your tooth enamel, making you more prone to cavities and tooth loss. 

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10. Consuming Sugary Food and Drinks: Sugar is directly connected to tooth decay. Sugary foods and drinks can lead to the accumulation of plaque on teeth. When sugar is consumed, its molecules mix with saliva and form plaque which, over time, dissolves tooth enamel and raises the likelihood of tooth decay. It could even cause diabetes.

Regular dental check-ups are essential for detecting and preventing dental problems before they worsen. Neglecting regular dental check-ups could also be a reason for the destruction of your teeth’ health. You may have a long-lasting, and healthy smile by taking good care of your teeth.

Best Practices for Healthy Teeth:

Here are 5 tips for good oral habits for maintaining your teeth health:

1. Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss daily.

2. Drink plenty of water.

3. Avoid smoking and drinking.

4. Limit sugary food items and eat a healthy and balanced diet.

5. Visit your dentist to have regular dental check-ups.

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Your everyday oral habits are crucial to your overall health. And taking care of your teeth is the first and foremost thing to protect your overall health. Being aware and careful about these unhygienic habits will prevent you from your oral enemies. Following good oral practices will not only improve your mouth health but also enhance your overall well-being. If you need a proper dental consultation, contact the best dental hospital in Gujarat, Summirow Dental. Get guided by Dr. Ushma Kakkad, the best dentist in Gujarat.

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