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Dental Myths Busted by Expert Dentist in Surat

Top 10 Dental Myths Debunked By Our Expert Dentists in Surat

Our dental health is impacted significantly by how we care for our mouths. There’s no secret to maintaining a clean and healthy mouth, but you can take care of some dental myths, debunked by our expert dentist in Surat. Therefore, oral hygiene has continued to be a top priority for many people.

There are, however, several things that could improve your dental care procedures. Some dental procedures might adversely harm your mouth health. Following regular oral practices are only some ways to care for our mouth. To protect your mouth entirely and to stop the degradation of your oral health, you need to be aware of some dental misconceptions that have been discussed and refrain from making the same mistake again.

You’ve probably heard of many different dental myths, but our skilled dentists in Surat have debunked a few unusual ones below.

Here are 10 dental myths debunked by our expert dentists.
  • Only teeth polishing is enough for pearly white teeth.

It is a belief that teeth polishing can solve the problem of discolored & stained teeth. Well, it’s not true, says Dr. Mittal Bavadiya, one of the best dentists in Surat. A procedure called dental scaling is essential before teeth polishing. Every dental expert does dental scaling to smooth out the surface of teeth and give a luster and then goes for polishing. The scaling method prevents any space left between teeth from getting tartar again.

  • Brushing Teeth before or after breakfast.

Whether to brush before or after breakfast is still being determined. Both approaches have significance in their way. There is a scientific reason behind brushing before breakfast. Our mouth tends to form bacteria and plaque from our saliva and the leftover food we eat at night. And when we eat breakfast, this will increase the chances of our teeth getting decayed. Brushing after having breakfast has an aesthetic reason. After breakfast, some food particles are left behind and stuck in our mouths. You can remove those stuck particles by brushing and can have a clean and fresh mouth.

  • Only Poor oral hygiene is to be blamed for bad breath.

Poor oral hygiene is responsible for bad breath; it is a myth. Even if you brush and floss correctly, lousy breath is still possible. There may be various underlying reasons for bad breath, which can be detected only by an experienced dentist or a medical practitioner.

  • Removing teeth from the upper jaw affects the eyes and brain.

It is a common myth that removing teeth from the upper jaw affects the eyes and the brain. Our eyes supply a total of 4 nerves, and these nerves supply from within the surface of the eyes. However, the nerves that supply teeth are located just near and inside the surface of our cheeks. On the backside of the eyeball are the nerves that supply the eyes. And this means that if you are removing any teeth from the upper jaw, it doesn’t affect the eyes and brain.

  • Smile Makeovers are just for celebrities.

A smile makeover can instantly lift your spirit and give you a confident smile. However, some think that smile makeover is just for celebrities. It is a myth. A healthy smile increases the confidence of a person tenfold. A sound bite and well-aligned teeth are vital for overall health and well-being.

  • A Gap Between the front 2 teeth is a sign of good luck.

Many believe having a gap between their front teeth is a sign of good luck, but this is a big dental myth. There are many reasons behind this. It can be a hereditary trait. Sometimes, the low positioning of gums can also result in teeth gaps. It could be oversized or undersized or even missing teeth, because of which the gap has occurred. Sucking fingers can also be a significant reason for teeth gaps. These can affect one’s mouth health. It’s better to consult an experienced dentist. 

  • More Sugar More Cavities.

Sugar is a substance that is most likely to cause cavities. But only sometimes. A high intake of sugary food is harmful, but sugar is not the evil element here. Less or more sugar doesn’t matter. What matters is when it stays in contact with your teeth’ surface. It is essential to gargle with warm water after consumption of sugary food or drinks.

  • Gum Diseases are only concerned with the mouth.

Gum diseases are not just concerned with your mouth but your overall body health. It can also spread to other parts of the body. It may also be linked to your heart and can cause diabetes and cancer. So, you should not take it lightly and consult an expert dentist as soon as possible. 

  • Acidic Fruits whiten teeth.

Fruits with high acidic Ph levels can do more harm than good. Sour fruits can erode teeth enamel. Instead, strawberries, oranges, and pineapples can help in whitening teeth.

  • Laughing makes the front teeth Unaligned.

No, it is a complete myth. Laughing too much does not affect the alignment of the teeth. Miss alignment can occur due to several other reasons like jaw size, wisdom teeth eruption, etc. So, laugh freely, without worrying. 

Debunking these dental myths should have clarified things for you. By following these, you will become more knowledgeable about your oral health. It will assist you in preventing future oral caries.

If you still have doubts or are looking for a reputable dentist to serve you right, Summirow Dental will be happy to meet all your needs. Contact our skilled dentist in Surat for a full consultation, and they will work with you to restore your beautiful smile.

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