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Summirow Dental Hospital Shares Expert Tips for Teeth Straightening and Oral Hygiene

Surat’s renowned dentist Dr. Ushma Kakkad talks about the benefits of having wisdom tooth removal for optimal outcomes when using clear aligners to straighten teeth at Summirow Dental Hospital in Surat.

Surat, Gujarat: Summirow Dental Hospital is considered the best dental hospital in Gujarat. They take immense pride in providing outstanding care and personalised treatment to all their patients. Dr. Ushma Kakkad, an experienced Chief Dentist and Implantologist, recently gave a comprehensive talk on effective teeth straightening methods. She addresses frequently asked concerns about clear aligners and wisdom tooth removal and imparts insightful knowledge on these two crucial dental procedures.

Drawing on a real-life example of a patient from the United States undergoing ‘Clear Aligners’ treatment, she highlights the notable progress made and acknowledges the existing concerns, particularly on the right side of the teeth. Dr. Ushma Kakkad explains the importance of attachments and how they help achieve the desired tooth movement during aligner treatment. 

The patient’s journey showcases the significance of wisdom tooth removal. She advises the patient to remove Wisdom Tooth before starting alignment treatment, considering individual factors and alignment requirements. Excessive brushing and improper oral habits can lead to cavities and other problems. To achieve the best possible outcome, one must follow dental professionals’ advice and maintain good oral hygiene.

The dentist team at Summirow Dental Hospital closely monitored the patient’s treatment progress with regular follow-ups, including video calls every three months, as he was from the United States. These check-ins are essential to ensure comprehensive care. The patient reported feeling comfortable throughout the treatment and noticed positive changes in his smile.

Summirow Dental Hospital supports patients comprehensively during teeth straightening treatments. They emphasise proper care, including regular cleaning, aligner maintenance, and timely appointments. The patient’s case highlights the duration and commitment necessary for successful results. Before opting for braces or aligners, addressing any underlying dental issues is crucial.

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Summirow Multispeciality Dental Clinic in Surat gives complete treatment information while offering high-quality, economical dental care. They prioritise patient privacy and maintain the highest levels of quality and hygiene while using advanced dental equipment. Their trained specialists provide speciality therapies in a well-supervised clinical setting.

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