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Dr. Ushma K. Kakkad achieved certification in the “Essentials by Invisalign” Training Program

Dr. Ushma K. Kakkad achieved certification in the “Essentials by Invisalign” Training Program

Summirow Dental, a prominent name in advanced dental care, is delighted to announce the recent accomplishment of Dr. Ushma K. Kakkad, Chief Dentist and Implantologist. She has earned the prestigious Certificate of Attendance in the Essentials by Invisalign Training Program, a recognition presented by Align Technology, India. This achievement signifies a significant step in pursuing excellence in dental healthcare.

Dr. Ushma K. Kakkad, showcasing her proficiency in the Invisalign Essentials program, expresses enthusiasm for the transformative opportunities it brings to enhancing smiles with world-class quality aligners. She remarks, “As an insider, it was a great experience and a wonderful opportunity to treat patients with irregular teeth. Now I can transform my patients’ smiles with world-class quality aligners.”

In addition to Dr. Ushma K. Kakkad’s accomplishment, Summirow Dental proudly announces its collaboration with Invisalign, establishing a partnership to provide enhanced patient experiences. 

Summirow Dental and Invisalign partnership represents a significant advancement in offering patients the best available clear aligner technology.

Invisalign, renowned for its clinically proven efficacy in treating various malocclusions, from mild tooth straightening to moderate and severe cases, sets itself apart with unique features. 

Summirow Dental patients can anticipate numerous benefits with Invisalign, including customized treatment plans and affordable Clear Aligners treatment, ensuring high-quality dental care is accessible to all.

“Why choose Invisalign? Because it’s the smile you want, the way you want it,” affirms Dr. Kakkad.

Invisalign distinguishes itself with the use of SmartTrack material for gentle yet powerful tooth movement, assuring a comfortable teeth-straightening experience. 

Moreover, patented 3D simulations enable patients to preview their treatment outcomes, providing a clear understanding of the process.

With dedicated doctor’s care from prescription to follow-up, Invisalign offers patients a seamless and reassuring experience. 

Summirow Dental is overjoyed to usher in this new era of dental care, establishing a standard for excellence in patient-centric treatment.

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