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5 Reasons You Need a Root Canal

Root Canal is a technique specifically formulated to eradicate bacteria from the diseased root canal and save the original tooth. Innumerable teeth are treated and protected this way each year, releasing pain and making teeth strong once again. There are common delusions that dental procedures such as root canals should be dodged at all costs maybe because they are assumed to be very painful or people are not aware of why it is necessary.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why people should get a root canal done.

1] Infected Tooth

If your tooth is disease-ridden, the infection may spread and cause degeneration. Even though the external layers of the tooth are firm, the internal layers are made up of soft tissue that may get damaged. So, a root canal can help you get your healthy teeth back. 

2] Excruciating Tooth Pain

A root canal is a painless process that helps ease the agony and does not increase it. But if you ignore the cure it can damage the nerves inside the tooth. So, if you are suffering from tooth pain then you need to visit a dentist at the earliest.

3] Gum Infection

Getting a root canal is important as if the toothache leads to a gum infection that can ultimately break down the tissue and weaken the bone structure.

4] Difficulty in chewing

Chewing on one side of the mouth can be quite a task and it also adds to the wear and tear of the teeth on that side. Getting a root canal helps get rid of the contamination, thus preserving the remaining tooth and reducing the number of issues that may occur in the future.

5] Chips or Cracks

Our teeth are exposed to a humongous amount of stress which includes, grinding, chewing, and clenching. If due for any reason, our teeth get chipped or cracked, a root canal is what is needed.

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