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5 Common Dental Myths Busted by Our Expert Dentists

Dental Myths and misconceptions are common. We believe anything and everything what the internet or what people say when we need a healthy smile. In search of the correct dental care routine, we get lost in fact & fiction. It is essential to sort the popularly-held misconceptions and scientifically proven facts to improve the quality of oral health.

In our blog post, we debunk five seriously misunderstood dental myths. Knowing these misconceptions can help you create a better dental care routine and improve overall oral health.

Dental Myth 1: Dental Carries are only Caused by Sweets

We are instructed that sweets are bad for teeth since our childhood. They cause tooth decay and abnormal growth of the jaw. It is to an extent true, but not entirely. Though sweets cause dental decay, the bacteria in the mouth are the real culprits. Sugars and sugary treats become the principal source of energy for bacteria. These bacteria, in turn, release acids that fasten the dental decay process. As a result, a sticky layer is formed on the teeth. The layer releases acid that attacks the tooth enamel causing dental carries.

It is advisable to brush twice a day and after a heavy meal. To know more, listen to our experts

Dental Myth 2: Bleeding While Brushing is Normal

It is widely believed that bleeding while brushing is normal. But, no, it is incorrect. Bleeding gums are a sign of inflamed, infected, or traumatized gums. There also might be an underlying condition that is causing the bleeding.

If your gums are bleeding, it might also signify gingivitis or gum disease.

It is essential to get the bleeding gums checked and not let it go as an incorrect brushing technique. Listen to our experts, here

Dental Myth 3: It is better if Milk Teeth Fall Early

Milk teeth are significant for the development of a child’s jaw bone. The ideal age for them to fall is 6-12 years. However, if the milk teeth fall out before they have aged, they can cause severe dental problems. Dental problems like cavities and jaw injuries, speech problems, and improper pronunciations can arise.

Further, if milk teeth fall early, teeth adjacent to them can fill up the space causing gaps or crowding. The child may need braces in the future.

It is crucial to save the milk teeth and not let them fall before they have aged. Let’s bust the dental myths with our doctors.

Dental Myth 4: Brushing Hard Makes the Teeth Clean

Harder, you brush your teeth, the cleaner they become. No. Another dental myth we are here to bust. Brushing vigorously does not make teeth clean; instead, it causes abrasion. It is the loss of a crucial tooth surface. Abrasion can lead to severe sensitivity, tooth pain, and enamel damage. In addition, the injury leads to the onset of gum disease.

It is advisable to brush correctly with soft bristles. Take at least 30 seconds to brush appropriately. It is essential how you brush rather than how hard you brush.

Listen to myth-busting with our experts, here.

Dental Myth 5: Getting a Dental Treatment if Only There is Pain in Teeth

Root canal treatment or any other dental treatment must be performed when there is a pain in the teeth. It is a dental myth. You must visit the dentist for routine checkups every six months. Dental treatment is carried out to maintain and preserve the tooth’s structure.

Dentists need to perform a routine checkup to help you maintain proper dental care. In addition, timely dental visits can help you take care of your gums and develop better oral hygiene.

A dental guide on dental myths and misconceptions. Need more assistance regarding dental fact and fiction? Visit our expert dentists at Summirow Dental – one of the best dental clinics in Surat; they can guide you on what is best for your teeth.