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Missing teeth don’t just hamper oral health but also your self esteem and quality of our life.

Dental implants are the most convenient and comfortable solution to missing teeth. But this may take several weeks. So what does one do when they are looking to fix missing teeth in a short period of time?

Basal Implants not only let you eat or speak naturally, but allow you to have a confident smile in no time. Also called as immediately loadable dental implants, this is a minimally invasive technique, performed under local anaesthesia and an almost painless method .

While this is a relatively new treatment, our renowned surgeons at Summirow Dental are the best dentists in Gujarat and have performed hundreds of basal implant surgeries. We believe this is the future of dentistry and focus on this technology with close attention will bring the best to our patients.

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of Basal Implants


Instead of an incision (like in traditional implants) the dentists creates a hollow in the bone. Basal bone is the strongest bone in the jaw.


The implant is then placed in the hard part of the bone, and not in the soft, spongy bone substance.


Since the basal bone is the strongest structure, the implant is highly stable and more specific to the treatment success rate.

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Missing Teeth? Looking For Implant?

Advanced Care

at Summirow Dental
  • At Summirow Dental, we have a trained team of dentist with years of experience and expertise who help in offering advanced care.
  • To obtain the perfect result, we meticulously evaluate all associated structures of teeth like jaw, sinus, basal bone quality and nasal cavity and then precisely plan the treatment.
  • The framework can be fit on the very next day of the surgery and final dentures are fixed on day 4.
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of Basal Implants
  • Minimally invasive and pain-free
  • High success rate
  • Faster recovery time
  • No risk of infection
  • Affordable and cost effective
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Frequently Asked Questions

Basal implants are usually painless and risk free. These are highly recommended for patients with high bone loss and chances of infection. As there is no healing period required after placing the implant, these are ideal for old age patients and diabetic patients.

Basal implants last for a lifetime and the longevity is highly dependent on the post-operative maintenance and regular checkups.

Basal Dental Implants take nothing more than 72 hours or 5 days. You can have permanent teeth in just 5 days.

To find exact pricing we suggest you connect with the expert team of Summirow Dental. As the best dental hospital in Gujarat, we offer superior treatment at affordable costs.

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