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A post & core is dental restoration that is used when there is inadequate tooth structure remaining to support a traditional restoration.

A small rod, usually metal, is inserted into the root space. This is then used to hold a filling, or core, in place. This is mostly done in cases after a root canal, if there is sufficient tooth structure remaining, before placing the crown.

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for Post & Core Build Treatment
  • Required for crown’s stability.
  • The artificial teeth may not withstand the forces and pressure if there is no tooth structure that exists before the treatment.
  • In some cases, tooth structure may be lost due to injury or infection.

For all the above reasons, the rod placed inside the tooth helps strengthen tooth.

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of Post & Core Build Treatment
  • Fills the hollow space inside tooth.
  • Anchors the core to the tissue.
  • Supports and strengthens the crown.
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