Impacted teeth occur when the teeth aren’t able to grow in properly on their own.

There may be either something is obstructing their movement – such as the baby teeth not falling out or there is not enough room for all the teeth.

Some people may have several impacted teeth, while others have only one. At Summirow Dental, we have a team of expert orthodontists and best dentists in Gujarat who examine your teeth, establish the reason for impacted teeth and make a plan for treating them.

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of Impacted Teeth

A sudden, direct blow to the mouth is the most common cause of injury. At times, these patients also experience numbness. Others can include:

  • A twisted tooth
  • Overcrowding teeth
  • Small jawline
  • Big tooth
  • Accidental Damage
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of untreated impacted teeth
  • Bite or chewing problems
  • Jaw pain and headaches
  • Gum inflammation
  • Periodontal disease


for Impacted Teeth

At Summirow Dental , we have helped many patients with the impacted teeth problem. We always choose our best and effective treatment for you.

Best Teeth Braces in Gujarat

With Braces

In most cases, dental braces are the most useful and safe interventions for impacted teeth. At Summirow Dental, we offer best orthodontic braces in Gujarat that position teeth in place effectively.

Best Invisible Braces in Gujarat

With Invisalign

Invisible braces or invisalign braces are the most popular method to bring teeth into its correct position, and then align the teeth for a straight, healthy smile. Make sure to choose an experienced, qualified Invisalign provider for best results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Leaving teeth impacted can cause a variety of dental issues.

It can cause jaw pain and headaches, gum inflammation, periodontal issues, cavities or dental caries, infection abscesses, and dental cysts.

No. Our licensed orthodontists will assess your impacted teeth to see if there is a way to save them.

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