Gum Reshaping Best Cosmetic Treatment in Surat
While most people think that having white teeth can improve their smile, we miss to recognize that the appearance of the gums also makes a significant impact.

Gums that are large or have receded and if are too small can affect your smile. So can one reshape their gums?

At Summirow Dental, we give our patients expert cosmetic dental treatment which includes Gum Recontouring that can change the shape of your gums. As one of the best dental hospital in Gujarat, we use advanced laser techniques to cut away excessive gum or cover up receding gums tissue which tend to expose too much teeth.


for Gum Recontouring
  • Unlike other cosmetic dental procedures, this is a short procedure and requires just one visit.
  • At Summirow Dental, we use laser tools to remove excess gum tissues.
  • This is a pain free procedure.
  • Depending on individual patients, your gums will heal within a few days.
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of Gum Recontouring
  • Helps even out the gums
  • Helps achieve straight, aesthetic smile
  • Prevents occurrence of tooth decay and periodontal issues
  • Improves overall appearance of teeth.
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Frequently Asked Questions

You will be treated under local anesthesia. So the procedure may not be really painful. There may be some discomfort after treatment which settles in a few days. The discomfort depends on how much gum tissue is being cut away, shaped, or grafted.

Stick with a soft diet and avoid any food that is hard or sharp. They could irritate the gums. Follow antibiotic rinse as prescribed by dentists and scheduled for a follow-up visit.

It is best you schedule an appointment with our dental office. We can conduct a thorough examination and then make recommendations that are ideal and significant for your smile.

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