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If you have several missing or damaged teeth & also have difficulty in chewing properly, full-mouth reconstruction is the answer.

If left unattended, your jaw will start to become disfigured, which eventually causes pain and long-term suffering.

A full mouth restoration will improve not just the aesthetics of your mouth, also its function. It uses a wide array of dental procedures including Dental implants, dental crowns, dental bridges, veneers, fillings, and more. The exact treatments depend on the specific issues to restore your entire mouth back to full health and enhance your overall facial appearance.

As a leading and best dental hospital in Gujarat, our team of dental experts come together to ensure you have a brighter smile, and your new teeth appear and feel natural.


Do I need Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

The need for full mouth reconstruction arises if you have any problem from the following.

You have experienced a variety of dental traumas
Best Dental implant in Surat
Excessively worn teeth causing misaligned bite
Get best dental implants from best dentists in Surat
Due to injury or to disease, you have lost many teeth
Restore your teeth with full mouth dental implants
You have severe gum disease or abscesses in your mouth
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Frequently Asked Questions

To determine the appropriate treatment for your mouth, we’ll need to examine you in person. At Summirow Dental, we also offer affordable full mouth dental implants along with other restorative treatment.

No two full mouth restorations are alike. This procedure is completely customized according to individual patients. A team of expert doctors, we inspect your case carefully and use state of the art technology to arrive at the best procedure.

Recovery depends on how comprehensive your treatment is. At Summirow Dental, we provide the most optimal treatments which require minimal tooth preparation and are highly aesthetic for the most natural-looking results.

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