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Tired of living with an uneven, crooked smile?

Now, you can get the perfectly aligned smile you want with Dental Braces.

A dental brace is the easiest and common treatment to achieve straight, beautiful smiles. They’re created of wires, brackets, bands and aid to correct irregular teeth positioning, jaw correction, improvement in bite & mastication, and smile aesthetics.

So if you are seeking ways to straighten your teeth or align them in a proper manner, at Summirow Dental we are skilled at giving you the perfect orthodontic braces in Gujarat.
Best clear Aligners in Surat

of Orthodontic Treatment


Dental Braces can help you thoroughly chew your food and improve digestion.


Having gaps can cause plaque to build up between the teeth, which can damage or destroy the bone underneath the teeth. Having teeth braces helps prevent bone loss or erosion.


They are easier to clean and also prevent cavities and tooth decay.


Of Dental Braces or Orthodontic Braces

As one of the Best dental hospital in Gujarat, we seek to play an important role in boosting your confidence with a variety of Braces. These include

orthodontic braces in Gujarat
Traditional metal braces
best dental braces in Gujarat
Ceramic braces
orthodontic braces dentists in Surat
Metal Self Ligating Braces
Best teeth aligners in Surat
Lingual Braces
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Invisible Braces OR Clear Aligners

  • Also known as transparent braces, Invisible braces are one of the most requested types of orthodontic treatment today.
  • These don’t have any wires or brackets making them more comfortable and are almost transparent in visibility.
  • These invisible aligners are made of custom-made clear trays that gradually shift and align your teeth as you progress.
  • Clear braces are used to treat Crooked teeth, overly gapped teeth, overjet and overbite or buck teeth.
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Frequently Asked Questions

A typical treatment will take up to 12 to 36 weeks.

It varies from patient to patient, however as one of the best dentists in Gujarat we have an EMI plan starting from Rs.2799.

To clear all your doubts, the dentists at Summirow Dental help you decide which one would be more effective, which would be less painful or which will deliver faster results. We suggest the best dental braces that suit your dental issues and needs.

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