What Are Clear Aligners?

Clear Aligners are transparent trays made of special material which are used to straighten teeth just like braces. They use gentle and constant force to move the teeth in the required position without going through the hassles of metal wires and brackets. They are custom made for each patient through a digital scan.


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How Do Teeth Aligners, Clear Aligners or Dental Aligners Work?

Our revolutionary milling technique uses computer technology to customize a set of custom-made trays for each patient. This gives us complete control over the accuracy of the fit and enables you to achieve beautiful results faster than ever! You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can achieve alignment with only 25-40 sets.

Our aligners are made of a thermo-plastic material. These materials are custom-formed for each individual and they don’t restrict the foods and drinks you enjoy.

How To Take Care of Your Clear Aligners?

Though aligners are the most comfortable option, yet there are some things that need to be kept in mind while you have them on:

  • If you want to see noticeable results, be sure to wear the aligners at least 20 hours every day.
  • We recommend you remove your aligners at the end of each day when brushing your teeth, eating, or using mouthwash.
  • Keep your aligners clean so you can keep track of your orthodontic progress and have well aligned teeth.
  • Always remember to properly care for your aligners by rinsing them in water and storing them in their case from your dentist.

Orthodontic Aligners Post Treatment Care:

  • Your dentist might advise a retainer, which will prevent your newly straightened teeth to shift back to their previous location.
  • Don’t go back to your old habits just yet. It is recommended that you avoid crunchy food for a week because it may cause sensitive teeth due to the dental treatment committed on.
  • Make sure to always brush your teeth twice a day and floss to keep them clean, healthy, and cavity-free.
  • Visiting the dentist after your treatment is the best way to maintain oral health.

Summirow Aligner Treatment:

3 Reasons why you need Summirow Clear Aligner ?

  • Summirow Clear Aligner act as a protective layer on your teeth.
  • Summirow Clear Aligner can fix Jaw and Neck Pain.
  • Summirow Clear Aligner can enhance your speech and Pronunciations

Frequently Asked Questions


Aligners are attractive and make your teeth look as if they are naturally perfectly straight. You’ll enjoy wearing them way more than traditional braces, and you won’t need to sacrifice any of your day-to-day activities to get the look you want.


Dental aligners speeds up your teeth straightening treatment process ! Clear Aligners are an ideal orthodontic treatment for people of all ages. They’ve helped over 1 million people in over 60 countries to get straight teeth without the hassle of metal braces and have a 97% success rate.


Aligners are the best way to straighten your teeth and are easy to use, effective, and last a long time. Using them can save you months of traditional braces. A typical treatment with aligners lasts between 14-16 months.


Summirow Dental Aligners are affordable, and the cost depends on the needs and current alignment of your teeth. This product favours those that wish to have properly aligned teeth for good facial looks.


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